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About Us

Who We are


Progenitus is more than just a single game clan, we're a community. Our mission is to provide and continually develop a fun and friendly gaming atmosphere for its members through creating a strong community setup, engaging members through activities and events, and providing more avenues to game with like-minded people. 


Our History

Progenitus began as a Destiny Clan, just prior to the Release of Destiny, in 2014. While we have had many new faces since then, we still have a core of established members that play regularly. We have since expanded into other games, to include more players, across more platforms. 


Games We Play

 Currently, we have established clans in Destiny 2 and Warframe, on PS4. Along with the established clans, we have expanded into the PC community, with players involved in Fortnite, Overwatch, Monster Hunter: World, PUBG and The Division. 

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